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Care Plans

Plans That Help You Reach Your Goals

Regain that fit and youthful frame you've been missing for years with all-inclusive care plans that restore your relief. Blue Ridge Bariatrics, P.C., offers different tiers of plans that help you slim down. Upon your initial visit, you'll meet with our physician for a brief physical and review of your medical history.

We'll provide nutrition counseling, a medical workup, one vitamin B12 injection, and prescription and non-prescription medications that help you reach your weight loss goal. These services make up our Basic and Basic Plus Plan. The Basic Plus Plan includes a lipotropic injection during your monthly visit.

Intermediate and Intermediate Plus Plan

Put yourself one step closer to a figure that turns heads wherever you walk by taking medication offered under the Intermediate and Intermediate Plus Plan. These plans include everything included in the Basic Plan along with four consecutive, weekly vitamin B12 injections.

Advanced Plan and Advanced Plus Plan

If you're looking for additional support and results for your weight loss in Greenville, South Carolina, consider our Advanced Plan and Advanced Plus Plan. These regimens include everything included in the Intermediate Plus Plan, except in lieu of vitamin B12 injections; you'll receive four consecutive, weekly subcutaneous lipotropic injections. The lipotropic injections contain fat burners for rapid weight loss in stubborn areas such as the hips and abdomen. Side effects may include nausea and tenderness at the injection site.

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Losing Weight

HCG Plan and HCG Plus Plan

Watch the pounds melt away with our HCG plans. These consist of a weight loss regimen that allows for extreme weight loss results. Our HCG plans entail VLCD (very low calorie diet) and 28 HCG injections per month (either with or without an appetite suppressant). HCG injections help to put you in a state where you are not hungry, while also decreasing fat stores, especially around the abdomen, hips, and thighs.

Keeping Track Of Your Progress

Tracking your progress requires constant monitoring. Subsequent visits to our office after an initial checkup include weigh-ins, dietary counseling, additional injections and medications. We'll also review your development and make adjustments as needed. This allows us to optimize your weight loss while still keeping your regimen safe.